The 7 Chakras (What Are They?)
7 chakras

Let’s talk about our energetics and how it relates to our 7 chakras. Your body is built as an energy system and as in all energy systems, it has circuits that cruise around all over your body and deliver the energy. It is fed by an infinite supply of energy but at any one time it can be at its maximum or minimum capacities. If you fall below the minimum you could, for example fall ill or even die. There is also a maximum amount that you can actually hold any one time and therefore it is up to us to use capacities wisely. We can use this energy for life success and happiness in general. It also has this seven key energy processing and distribution centers. In the East, they have been called chakras but you can call them whatever you want to call them. Basically, their purpose is to process the incoming energy and outgoing energy and also to distribute it. Energy, which in the East has been called by other names such as Chi or Prana, flows into and through the whole system. It flows in through the crown, or energy processing center located in the top…

Chakra Meditation (HOW TO OPEN YOUR CHAKRAS)
chakra meditation

How to Open the Root Chakra Chakra energies are your subtle energy system. These are the unseen expressions in your energy, your vibration, your energetic outside. You are putting a signal out at every moment of the day constantly with subtle energies. One of the most basic and foundational energy systems is called chakras. There are seven and they run from your pubic area through the torso into the crown of your head. One of the most well-known chakras is called the root or base chakra. This particular energetic expression is a vortex of energy that vibrates out from your pubic area. The function and purpose of the base chakra is that when it’s open and balanced, it helps you to feel that you belong here, that you’re a part of humanity and that you are supported here. It is the foundation of loving relationships and family and the foundation of money that supports you in taking care of all your physical mates. To open this chakra, you can use various forms of chakra meditation. So if you are having struggles with money you have weight and body issues, or have problems in relationships or family issues, your root chakra…

chakra test

The energy centers of our body are grouped into 7 chakras in all; There are a total of four chakras located in our upper body. These correlate with our mental abilities, mind and spirit. The three chakras located in the lower body work to conduct our instinctual properties such as being connected to the Earth, our health, breath, sexuality and more.  The Buddhist/Hindu teaching is that all of our 7 chakras should be balanced in order to promote our overall well-being. Basically, when our instincts join forces with our feelings and thinking, we are in total alignment with our higher self. In some instances, our chakras can be closed, partially closed and some may be overactive. In order to find our inner peace, all seven chakras need to be balanced. Below is a quick way to do a simple chakra test in order to find out if any of your chakras need to be balanced. The Root Chakra The root chakra is the chakra that grounds us to the Earth and to our origin and life source. This chakra coincides with physical awareness of the here and now as well as the feeling of comfort in all situations. If your root chakra is…

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